How Many Affirmations Should I Say In A Day?

How many affirmations should I say in a day

The number of affirmations you should say daily can vary based on your personal preferences, schedule, and the time you’re willing to dedicate to this practice. You might, however, want to consider starting and ending your day by saying your affirmations, although saying them once a day or as many times as you would like can be equally effective.

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There’s no strict rule about how many affirmations you should say, but here are a few considerations to help you decide:

Quality Over Quantity.

It’s more important to focus on the quality and resonance of the affirmations rather than the quantity. Choose a manageable number of affirmations that truly resonate with you and your goals.


Consistency is key when it comes to the effectiveness of affirmations. It’s better to say a smaller number of affirmations consistently every day than to overwhelm yourself with too many and struggle to maintain the practice.

Time Commitment:

Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to this practice each day. If you’re short on time, a smaller number of affirmations may be more practical.

Intention and Focus.

Instead of rushing through a large number of affirmations, focus on the intention behind each one. Take the time to truly feel and believe the words you’re saying.

Morning and Evening Routine.

Many people find it effective to incorporate affirmations into their morning and evening routines. You might choose a few affirmations to start your day on a positive note and a few to reflect on before bed.


Start with a manageable number of affirmations, such as 3-5, and see how it feels. You can always adjust the number based on your experience and preferences.

Personal Comfort.

Some individuals may find that saying a higher number of affirmations provides them with more motivation and positivity, while others might prefer a smaller number for a more focused and intentional practice.

Remember that the goal is to make affirmations a positive and meaningful part of your routine. It’s better to have a few affirmations that you connect with deeply than to recite a large number of them without truly feeling their impact. As you practice and observe how affirmations influence your mindset, you can adjust the number to suit your needs and preferences.

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